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Posted: Fri Jan 21, 2022 11:53 am
by polo
first i love your work and want thank you for making it available to us (to all)
well that's a very "difficult topic" to discuss!
because in the title their is 2 "notions" very ... difficult
my english is rusty...
1.democratization : for all?
2animation creation: very specialize ....not for many?
your goal is very noble but /for someone who's interrested in making logos or and little caracters
to "live"
animation and creation require serious studies... and very long one!
it also require a serious background...of learning how to draw!
for that in the spirit of your "title" i recomend the excelent method: of
betty edwards; drawing with the right side of your brain...
also...i would suggest to all students, and to animators
to be aware of the god complex ;)
and to cultivate an humble spirit!
the path of learning how to make movies is like wanting to be a surgeon (doctor)
it takes time ( a long one!) and it is very frustrating....
i do not want to close the discussion with those thougts
but to me it seems important to set the contexte!